Say Goodbye To Dry, Damaged Color-Treated Hair

Color-treated hair goes through a lot. It gets colored, bleached, highlighted, and heat styled all the time. There’s no wonder that color-treated hair can become dry and damaged. While it will take the right hair treatment products, you can restore your hair to its healthy shining glory. Learn the secret on how to repair dry, damaged color-treated hair and bring life back to your gorgeous tresses.
COLURE introduces four new products to restore dry, damaged tresses after one hair treatment. To ensure proper absorption of protein, moisture, and vital nutrients, COLURE recommends ridding the hair from build-up using Clean Start Shampoo. After washing hair and rinsing, towel dry then apply COLURE’s Reparative Spray Plus, saturated hair, and comb through from roots to ends. Then layer on COLURE’s Regenerative Hair Masque to condition deeply. Leave in for 5-10 minutes then rinse. Towel dry then apply COLURE’s Leave-In Spray Plus, comb through and style.