Want Glossy, Vibrant Gorgeous Hair Color?

What girl wouldn’t want locks that glisten with light? No matter what your hair texture is, you can have healthy-looking hair color by following our shiny hair color secrets. Here are four essential tips to ensure glossy, healthy gorgeous hair color.

Tip one, One of the most common culprits to dull hair color is buildup from hair products and hard water residue. That’s where a clarifying hair treatment comes in. A clarifying hair treatment will remove excess buildup from your hair caused by hard water, hair products, chlorine and water softeners. Hard water often contains calcium and iron. Iron is what makes lighter hair color take on a dull coppery or brassy hue. We recommend using COLURE Clean Start Shampoo to rid the hair of buildup without leaving the hair and scalp feeling dry. We highly recommend COLURE Clean Start Shampoo right before any hair coloring service to allow for a better color take.

Tip two, If your hair is damaged improving its condition is the best way to make it look healthy and vibrant. Invest in an intense deep-conditioning treatment and use once a week like COLURE Regenerative Hair Masque. After cleansing with COLURE’s Clean Start shampoo apply masque, leave in hair for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse and towel dry.

Tip three, Chemical processes like hair color and bleach are alkaline, meaning they have a high pH and will cause the hair shaft to swell, leaving the cuticle open, exposed to becoming porous reflecting a dull appearance. After the chemical process is best to acidify, contract and lay flat the hair shaft to prevent the hair from turning porous, do this by pH balancing, which is also known as sealing the cuticle. We recommend COLURE Leave-In Spray Plus, spray onto hair and comb through.

Tip four, Once you have completed one, two and three, here is the final step to getting that glossy, vibrant, gorgeous hair color. We recommend using COLURE’s Shine Serum Plus, apply to towel dry hair evenly, comb through, blow dry or air dry.