Pisum Sativum New SuperFood for Your Hair

Did you know, hair is made up of keratin proteins, fats, lipids, water, and carbohydrates. The frequent use of harsh shampoos, hair dyes, bleaching and constant use of flat irons, curling irons and blowdrying can damage the hair’s original condition. Over time these elements will cause damage to the cuticle, making it porous and weak. So what can be done to restore your damaged tresses from all this?

Well, there is a new Super-Food for hair. Pisum Sativum Peptide, in layman’s term Pea protein, a plant-based protein that’s been extracted from yellow split peas.

Pea Peptide is a complete source of essential amino acids, most notably lysine, which is a vital building block for human cells. … When applied to hair, it is believed that Pea peptide can help stimulate and strengthen follicle stem cells, which helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Pea Protein adds volume to hair. As a complete source of essential amino acids and unique balance of nutrients pea protein has anti-aging, reconstructive, antioxidant, volumizing, conditioning and strengthening properties, which makes it a popular choice of many hair care formulations.

The best part about pea peptides for hair is the fact that it is very easily absorbed by hair follicles. Moreover, it not only benefits hair, but it also has benefits for the scalp as well. The best way that you can use pea peptides is by using it in conjunction with shampoo or a conditioner that has all natural ingredients.

Now here is the best part, when you use COLURE Hair Care, every product contains this powerful Super-Food. So what is not to love?