Zero Color Fade In Between Salon Visits

That’s right. It’s a big promise—that is why COLURE is the unwavering choice for serious color artists and their clientele. COLURE’s Zero Color Fade technology was developed to provide just that, ZERO COLOR FADE, and salons and their customers have been loving us ever since. We don’t want to brag, however our products are so extraordinary that the condition of the hair will also dramatically improve. What’s not to love?
ZERO COLOR FADE…like we keep saying!
Lucky for all of us, COLURE is a company on a mission. COLURE has launched the first and only luxury color care line that completely prevents color fadage, the number one complaint of stylists and salon clients everywhere. And we did it with the most advanced technology and only the purest ingredients on the planet. We are happy to geek-out with all of our cool technology and planet-friendly attributes. But mostly, we want to help make your hair color look more vibrant, healthier and just, well, better.
So…go on, perfect your hair color and STAY COLUREFUL!