Insider Tips to Better Hair Color

The color of your hair has become the hottest accessory around and changing it up to fit your mood has become as standard and natural as your daily shower. But, keeping it healthy and youthful looking can be a challenge.
Did you know that the human hair is made up of protein roughly 88% give or take, based on where you get your information? This fibrous protein is called keratin that travels out from the hair follicle.

As hair becomes exposed to the elements and comes in contact with chemicals, such as bleach, chlorine, ammonia, hair dye, and other high pH substances. The hair becomes weak, highly porous and becomes dry. Important to remember, damaged, and dry hair is not only going to look less vibrant and youthful, but the damage also affects the way the hair color is absorbed.

By restoring your hair with protein, you can help rebuild the necessary bonds in your hair that regenerates the health of hair to become more durable and sustainable with any chemical service. Here are signs your hair needs a protein treatment.

The most common one would be damaged hair with high porosity, this is when hair absorbs too much water, which causes frizz, tangles and color fades. We recommend using COLURE’s Reparative Spray Plus to fill in porous areas and to strengthen.

The next one on the list is hair that has lost its elasticity. If hair is hard to curl or even losing its natural curl, this is a sign your hair needs a protein treatment. Again we recommend COLURE’s Reparative Spray Plus at least once a week at home and before your next salon appointment.

Here are a few more signs your hair needs a protein treatment. When your hair feels gummy or sticky, most likely this means the protein structure has been comprised of too frequent chemical services and has suffered an excessive amount of damage. Last yet not least when your hair is limp and or stringy, this is a clear sign for a protein treatment. In conclusion, protein hair treatments are beneficial when used correctly, and your hair will have a healthy and youthful appearance.