Fringe Benefits

There is a lot of talk about the fringe hairstyle for 2018.
It seems like everyone is getting bangs again. There are many variations, yet the one single electrifying style everyone’s talking about is curtain fringe. The shape is long and tapered to the sides and can part anywhere. Perfect for anyone with oval or square face shape.

When blow drying curtain bangs, use COLURE Blow Dry Creme, then use a round brush to style your hair upwards. Doing this will give body and volume, and a youthful appearance.

Then there’s the blunt fringe style, this type of fringe puts the weight of the hair at the front. Since the cut is direct, we suggest using COLURE Super Luxe Nourishing Oil to tame any flyaway pieces in the front; this will provide an even and vibrant appearance.

The fringe hairstyle that works best for all hair types and facial shapes is the wispy fringe this is the most versatile type of bang. A wispy fringe gives a soft and feminine appearance to any hairstyle.

So what type of fringe looks best with a pixie cut? If your answer is baby bangs, then you are correct. Baby bangs look great with a bit of texture, so they don’t lay flat. This incredibly stylish and low-maintenance cut is modish, yet cosmopolitan. Excellent for the girl on the go.

Baby bangs are typically short; it’s best to add a small amount of COLURE Styling Gel or COLURE hairspray then blow dry with a small brush. Or just use your fingers. They’re very easy to style. This hairstyle works best for any person with a round or heart-shaped face with curly and wavy hair.

Last yet not least, the side-swept bang. This style of fringe makes a face appear angular. The side-swept hairstyle can be cut thick, wispy, asymmetrical, or covering one eye. Whatever you choose, a side swept bang adds dimension and movement to the hair.

To get a sexy, swept-away style, use COLURE Thermal Spray Plus plus a curling iron or flat iron straightener to curl away from your face. This design works well with round, heart-shaped features and with straight, wavy and or curly hair.