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Fabulous Fifteen Shades

Generation X and the baby boomer generations have created an all NEW group of consumers known as the "Health Minded" group. This group is currently consuming (from natural food chains) 33 million dollars per year in organic, non-professional hair color and is searching for a professional organic hair color solution that will fill the shortcomings of the non-professional product offerings such as weak grey coverage, color fading shortly after application and lack of performance and vibrancy in color.

Eighty-one (81%) percent of hair color clients between the ages of 27-54 who have sensitivity issues with harsh hair color formulas fall into COLURE's top fifteen (15) shades. From classic neutrals, beautiful blondes and vibrant reds, COLURE offers Truly Multi-Functional permanent hair color that converts quickly and easily to "Demi" or "Semi" color all with one tube. Experience the True Performance of COLURE's Molecular Nano Technology. These formulas provide 100% grey coverage in 20 minutes to produce simply amazing healthy, luxurious and vibrant color every time!

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