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Preparation Mixing & Application


  1. Prepare hair using the COLURE luxury treatment prior to mixing and application.Tip: Always apply COLURE hair color to clean healthy hair.
  2. Towel blot hair for one minute until hair is damp. Apply hair color to damp or towel dry hair only. Do not apply color to wet hair.


  1. Mix hair color & developer in equal parts. Then add one drop of Shine Serum Plus to every one (1) ounce of hair color formula.
  2. Mix until rich, creamy, consistent texture is obtained.(Use 20 volume for coverage or to lighten up to 1-1/2 levels, 30 volume for coverage or to lighten up to 2- 1/2 levels.)


  • Wear the proper gloves.
  • Use COLURE True Performance Developers only
  • Do not use metal tools
  • Mix accordingly to instructions
  • Taking fine sections, spread onto re-growth area
  • Development time begins when re-growth application is complete.Development time: 20 minutes or use 30 minutes for resistant white hair.


  • In the final 2 minutes of the processing time apply your favorite COLURE conditioner to hair color.
  • Using gloves, start with a quarter size dollop and gently apply COLURE conditioner to hair color, moving from the scalp to the mid-lengths, then to the ends of the hair.
  • Do this until hair is completely covered and hair color has been loosened from the scalp.
  • Add a small amount of water and emulsify hair color and conditioner from scalp to ends. Rinse throughly for 1-2 minutes.
  • Condition hair twice with COLURE conditioner. Move COLURE conditioner from scalp to ends.
  • Add COLURE Shine Serum Plus to create a glossing treatment.

Additional Tips:

  • To change hair color, apply on the re-growth then immediately take hair color through the mid-lengths and ends.
  • When there is no hair color change yet hair is faded on the ends, apply to re-growth. During the final fifteen (15) minutes take the hair color formula through the ends.
  • When there is no hair color change, no faded ends, apply to re-growth, then apply to mid-lengths and ends during the last five (5) minutes of the development time.

IMPORTANT: Hair color can cause an allergic reaction. A skin test is recommended on your client 48 hours before each application.

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