How To Fix Bad Hair Fast

Bad hair is something that we all dread! You’ve tried many things, but your hair still doesn’t look fabulous. You even went online and taken advice from so-call beauty experts that fell short of exceeding your expectations. You may also use the services of a hairdresser who has become complacent and no longer desires to educate you on your home maintenance. No need to worry! We understand how you feel, and we care.

COLURE Hair Care products are formulated to bring back your bad hair to healthy, vibrant and to a youthful looking appearance. For hair color that is dull looking use COLURE Clean Start shampoo to remove the unwanted coating that is causing the dullness to your hair color. This is commonly caused by hair products and hard water mineral deposits from your shower.

When your hair feels and looks dry use COLURE Regenerative Hair Masque to restore vital nutrients back to your dry and damaged tresses. Over time hair tends to become dry and damaged from the elements along with heat styling tools, hot showers, chlorine in swimming pools, and chemical hair services.

When you use Clean Start Shampoo and Regenerative Hair Masque together, they are hair savers for almost any bad hair situation.

Wet hair. Start with a quarter-size dollop, apply into palms of your hands, then rub hands together evenly to distribute the shampoo then work Clean Start Shampoo into damp hair from scalp to tips. Bring to a lather, then rinse. Apply Regenerative Hair Masque to clean, damp hair. Work gently into hair from scalp to tips for two to five minutes. Rinse. May be used under the dryer as a more intense treatment.
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