How to Have the Best Hair Color Year Ever

How to have the best hair color year ever, we all know that hair color, and bleach lightener can damage your hair and make it dry over time. Also, the infamous flat iron and blow dryer contributes to the dilemma. Did you know that over time hair will accumulate elements such as hard water minerals, and chlorine, including waxes, and oils from conditioners, resins from styling products? All will build-up and coat the hair. The above described builds a barrier that prevents hair color from properly absorbing into the hair shaft. Many consumers complain about hair color not taking and fading within a few days after the hair coloring service. Consumers nowadays tend not to wash their hair as frequent for this reason, which may also cause scalp issues along the way. We’ve heard many consumers mentioned that they wash their hair less often due to hair color washing out. Here is an opportunity to exceed the clients’ expectations by prepping and applying a hair treatment before coloring or lightening. COLURE recommends using Clean Start Shampoo to rid the hair of color blocking elements. And if the hair is dry and damage use Reparative Spray Plus after rinsing out the shampoo, towel dry and spray on a liberal amount and comb through thoroughly. Then layer over the top Regenerative Hair Masque work into hair from top to tips until the hair is saturated and feels ultra smooth to the touch, then rinse. Towel dry hair until it is slightly damp yet not dry to the touch. Now hair is ready to properly absorb color and withstand the possible damage the chemicals may cause during the process. COLURE Hair Treatment is compatible with any professional hair coloring system and will exceed the client’s expectations and create a raving fan. COLURE is well known to help grow the colorist and salon’s business through education and with its luxury-performance color care products. Our products are 100% vegan, plant-based and contains certified organic ingredients. For more information go to and subscribe.