Beach Waves vs Scandi Waves

There’s a new wave hairstyle popping up here and there that’s a bit more different; it’s tousled, undone, sexy and kind of beachy. It has been called the (S) wave or the Scandi wave.
Some hairstylist says it’s like doing a tousled, sort of beach wave with a curling wand yet the ‘Scandi Wave’ uses a flat iron in a creative new way. Kind of like using bobby pins to create pin curls. Instead of pin curls, takes a section of hair then bend them into an “S” shape, then gently tap while moving around the “S” shape with the flat iron to create the desired wave and style.

To achieve the Scandi Wave look, start with a small subsection of hair at the front, first mist with COLURE Thermal Spray Plus and comb through. Thermal Spray Plus provides maximum color protection and has a medium hold that is touchable. Then bend the section of hair to form an “S” shape. Place the flat iron on the hair leaving the part between the plates, carefully tap over the “S” shape curve to help set the wave. Tip: no need to hold the iron in place while tapping the “S” curve. After tapping release and hold the “S” section still in place. Allow the hair to cool down to give a perfect “S” shape. Continue around the head shape, by taking small subsections, go from front to back, then switch sides and do the same.

Once you’ve completed the style, allow the hair to cool down for five more minutes or longer to set the wave. Once the waves completely cool down and have set in place, you can use COLURE Super Luxe Nourishing Oil to finish the style. Start with a small drop of oil, rub between fingers. Then gently separate the waves with your fingers to pull them apart, so they don’t appear too tight. This product will add vibrancy to your hair color and a healthy appearance.