FadeProof Your Red Hair Color

When it comes to high-intensity hair colors, nothing beats red. Whether entirely subtle and soft or bold and vibrant, red hair colors are attention-grabbing and beautiful. The color is hotter than ever and completely on-trend. Here is some good advice for those who are thinking about going red and those currently that have red hair. The most common redhead beauty dilemma many redheads face is how quickly red hair fades.

So, what’s a redhead to do? First of all, let’s look at why does red hair fade so quickly? On top of the list, applying hair color to product build-up and or residue that is coating the cuticle will prevent the red dye from properly absorbing into the hair shaft. Correct this by using a sulfate free clarifying shampoo like COLURE Clean Start Shampoo, use it before applying a hair treatment and before hair coloring.

Next, check the hair porosity level, the health of the hair is extremely important. One easy way to diagnose the hair health is to stretch the hair by taking a single hair strand using two hands to pull the hair strand. If the hair strand goes too far, snaps and or breaks this is a sign of the hair lacking in protein. In this case, use COLURE Reparative Spray Plus, a protein hair treatment formulated to strengthen and rebuild bonds for color treated hair. Proper application of protein is crucial, be sure to spray in protein and comb it through hair. COLURE Reparative Spray Plus may be used alone after cleansing, or combined and layered with COLURE Regenerative Hair Masque. Leave in the hair treatment for 5 to 10 minutes to absorb into the hair. Rinse both products out of the hair, towel dry hair until damp. For better results allow the hair to air dry for an extra 10-15 minutes before coloring and or use a low heat setting blow dryer to remove excess moisture.

Now you’re ready to apply color, one tip that will help with color longevity is to allow the hair color to process about 5-15 minutes longer than recommended especially for medium to coarse hair textures. Another important tip to remember when you’re ready to remove the hair color, before rinsing the color, apply an acidifier to lock in the hair color. We recommend COLURE Leave In Spray Plus. Spray liberally onto hair, and emulsify the treatment into the hair and color, after rinse thoroughly with cool water temperature for a good 2-3 minutes.

To complete the service, we recommend not to shampoo the hair color for at least 48 hours. Instead, reach for COLURE Regenerative Hair Masque, work product in one direction moving from scalp to tips, do this for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse again with cool water temperature for 2-3 minutes. Towel dry hair, spray in more COLURE Leave In Spray Plus to protect the hair color. For best result air dry hair instead. Applying heat too soon to freshly color-treated hair may damage the color and begin the fading process.

At home be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, like COLURE Richly Moisturize Shampoo and Conditioner, always wash with cool water temperature, avoid hot water to prevent color fading. Also keep blow drying and heat styling to a minimum, if you need to blow dry, be sure to use a heat protector like COLURE Leave In Spray Plus or any COLURE Styling Product. All COLURE products contain maximum color protection against heat, the sun, and the elements.

Last yet not least, be sure to schedule your next hair color appointment with your hair colorist within 3-4 weeks.