Read This Before You Bleach Your Hair

How to go platinum blonde without destroying your hair.
Platinum blonde hair looks amazing in your Instagram, and Facebook feeds, yet it will take patience to achieve that level. That goes for all the other bleached blonde color trends too! It’s a long road. This path will have you clearing your schedule the day of your hair coloring appointment for a double-process. The first step is bleaching out all hair pigment, and the next step is to tone and color, all of which takes a few hours, depending on the condition of your hair and its natural color. Going from black to platinum will take up to nine hours. There are a few things you ought to know about a going platinum blonde.

Be realistic; No matter what, going platinum blonde will, on some level, damage your hair. Going platinum blonde requires the use of hydrogen peroxide and bleach to create an irreversible chemical reaction in your hair shaft. Expect dryness and coarseness, especially if you’re starting with dark or coarse hair.

The darker your natural hair color is, the more pigment you’ll need to remove to reach a platinum level, which is a damaging process. Keep in mind; it’s harder to remove pigment from coarse strands compared to finer strands, know that there’s only so much you can do to prevent some level of damage if you have dark, coarse hair.

Invest in a good colorist; We highly recommend splurging on the best colorist you can find, whether through word of mouth or via Instagram, rather than trying to find the best deal. Find a hair colorist you trust implicitly to give you the best of the best. The service is going to be more expensive, that’s because a top colorist is worth one’s weight in gold, plus it costs the colorist more to provide you with, quality products, that includes applying several specific hair treatments before, during and after the service. Platinum blonde hair is an investment if you want it done correctly.

The importance of using a bond-reparative treatment with your hair;
The darker, coarser, your natural hair color is, the more conditioning you’re going to need both before and after bleaching it. We recommend using a deep-conditioning masque, like the COLURE Regenerative Hair Masque, use at night for a week leading up to your appointment, and for the week after the service, also use once per week a bond-building and vegan protein treatment like COLURE’s Reparative Spray Plus. If you’re going platinum blonde, you need to use a product that helps repair and strengthen the bonds deep inside your hair fibers.

For best at home results first, shampoo using COLURE’s Super Luxe Shampoo, then towel dry and comb in a quarter size dollop of COLURE’s Regenerative Hair Masque through freshly clean, towel-dry hair, leave on for 5-10 minutes or longer if desired, then rinse with water as usual. You’ll notice softer, shinier hair after one use, with less breakage after continued use.